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With no paths,
anything is possible

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It's easy to get lost. In life and in marketing. To explore all available paths, yet still not reach where you wanted to go. When that happens, stop, take a breath, and think. Try another way. Go where your ambitions lead, not the well-trodden paths. To new enriching places that data, automation, and personalization can reveal. We will guide you.

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What we actually do

customer data
platform integration

Choosing the right marketing platform to work with customer data is crucial in the eCommerce environment. We'll help you. We'll assess which solution is suitable for you, implement it, and teach you how to work with it. We are a certified partner of Bloomreach Engagement, but we also work with other platforms on a daily basis and test new ones.

copywriting &

brand communication

In the areas of marketing automation and web personalization, we cannot do without genuine text and creativity. We care about the level of content we create. Copywriting, slogans, and even comprehensive communication strategies for brands. We have a strong relationship with writing and enduring ideas.

e-mailing &

omnichannel automation

Save time. Or cut costs. With advanced marketing automation tools, we'll enhance your company's communication and achieve a better customer experience through personalization in their purchases with you. Emailing, chatbots, pop-ups, SMS messages. Our focus is on channels through which we communicate directly. And which we can evaluate effectively.

marketing consulting


The greatest fulfillment for a person is when they can pass their knowledge on to others. If you've reached a point where you're unsure of the next steps, consider us your partner on the journey out of uncertainty. We will help you set up marketing processes, assemble a team, or train a new person.

unites us vielendark.png

1. curiosity

2. integrity

We operate in one of the fastest-growing industries. To excel in this field, we must keep pace with it. For us, education and the implementation of the latest technologies into our processes are an absolute given.

Remaining authentic, keeping our word, delivering agreed outputs with quality and on time. While this may seem trivial to some, we understand that it's this value that makes Vielendark what it is. A fair company.

3. durability

4. openness

If there's something we dislike, it's short-term or trendy solutions implemented into processes without context or thought. Durability is essential for us. Whether it's technological solutions or ideas, we work to ensure they function effectively over the long term. And well.

Staying above the fray. Making decisions based on results, facts, and data, not on feelings and impressions. Not clinging to our opinions and stances, but keeping an open mind. Welcoming progress, change, and constructive criticism – and thereby moving forward. This too is Vielendark.

Trusted by

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"In various companies, I have collaborated with dozens of partners. What I value most about working with Vielendark is the unique combination of professionalism and humanity, and also their ability to cover a wide range of responsibilities from business consulting to the most technical tasks. It was a pleasant and beneficial cooperation."

Matej Moravčík, Dedoles

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